Islands of Stars

by M. Paradoxos

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There is a dome in Mauna Kea
they're searching for exoplanets
where water can be found

A high contrast telescope
is finding other worlds
Brown dwarfs less
than a billion years old

In Canary Islands
her telescopes gather light
from spiral galaxies
that merge with age

The puzzle's not complete
how the galaxies were formed
She'll need a special spectrograph
To see how they evolved

Refractor in West Java
Sees binary stars
When binary stars eclipse
The light curve is revealed

Astronomers are recording
The spectral glowing gas
Planetary nebulae
Blown from an old red giant

Islands from stars
Stars from Islands
Islands to stars
Stars to Islands

An island of stars
- repeat


released July 25, 2016




M. Paradoxos North Carolina

The tracks I have uploaded for your pleasure, amusement, or stimulation have been written over many years. Some have been re- recorded and re-arranged over time. I follow a musical aesthetic guided by embracing change. I was born, birth name of Mark Meldola, in Rochester, NY. I lived in California for 22 years. I still possess wanderlust. ... more

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