The Transformation Of Danny Sotel

by M. Paradoxos

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Friends said she was crazy
She hides her son in the attic
She was mad at her husband
The attic was her revenge
The husband looks for his son
But she broke his glasses
He could tell she was lying
But he never looked in the attic

It's dark. So dark in the attic.
And it's cold. So cold in the attic.

His mom was insanely jealous
And possessive of her son
So he didn't have any friends
Except the toys in the attic

And he was quiet at school
He never had one date
Danny was teased without mercy
And he was resigned to his fate

It's quiet, so quiet in the attic
It's quiet, he's lonely in the attic

The sickly teen grew up
And he went off to college
He met an autistic girl
and he fell deeply in love

And they dropped out together
And lived in her house
But she had to hide him
Because her father's an ogre

They're getting high in the attic
They're making love in the attic

They made love in the attic
It has a bed and a bath
They read books in the attic
She snuck some food in at night

One day a sister ran upstairs
Danny jumped in a closet
The sister looked for some high heels
But Danny stood behind clothes

Hey, making love in the attic
Yeah, they're making love in the attic

Hey, making love in the attic
Yeah, they're making love in the attic


released July 10, 2016




M. Paradoxos North Carolina

The tracks I have uploaded for your pleasure, amusement, or stimulation have been written over many years. Some have been re- recorded and re-arranged over time. I follow a musical aesthetic guided by embracing change. I was born, birth name of Mark Meldola, in Rochester, NY. I lived in California for 22 years. I still possess wanderlust. ... more

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